Commission Delays Vote 6 Recapitulation Province

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) to continue the process of recapitulation national level . Previously the Commission has determined and certify the tally in six provinces , namely West Kalimantan , Gorontalo , Bangka Belitung , Jambi , West Sumatra and Bali .
Stepping on the fourth day which falls on the O , six provinces have not been established or have not been approved by the Commission recapitulation voice among others , Banten , West Java for all electoral district , Bengkulu , Jakarta for the constituency ( electoral district ) I, II , III , Riau and Lampung .

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" Establishments that our pending readings. So because recently read that Jakarta I , II and III . Nope we read because Jakarta II in particular will be integrated with foreign elections , " said Commissioner Commission , Ferry Kurni Rizkiyansyah in his office , Tuesday, April 29, 2014 .

Ferry revealed approximately five provinces temporarily suspended computation . One reason is necessary scrutiny of the data of voters and voters users .

" Hopefully not delay , fixed in accordance with the time . Process might be a little longer because they have to first plenary . So the result follows . Prior to the 4th will be reported again here , " he said .

Ferry continued delayed is Bengkulu province . According to him , in this area awaiting scrutiny Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) .

"We’ll wait until 12 noon . Example If there is no problem whatsoever , God willing, we will try to study this afternoon , " he said .

As for West Java , Ferry said that the scrutiny process has been completed . The plan , on Thursday, May 1, 2014 , they held a meeting or an open plenary meeting with witnesses and also Bawaslu .

" So we wait for information . We hope before the date of the pending - pending 4 this we have done , " he explained .

As is known , the Commission held a recapitulation of votes nationally since Saturday, April 26, 2014 . Process is scheduled for completion on May 6, 2014. Currently , the Commission continued counting in five regions namely Central Kalimantan , Aceh , West Nusa Tenggara , Central Java , Yogyakarta ( DIY ) as a backup . ( umi )


Khaled Meshaal: Palestinian Reconciliation Creating Capable of Confronting Israel

Hamas leader in exile, Khaled Meshaal, said in a television interview that he would do everything possible for the success of Palestinian reconciliation.

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"Reconciliation will of course make all Palestinians be able to face the Zionist challenge. Zionists (Israelis) shed blood, violate human rights and seize land," Meshaal said as quoted by Al-Rai.

On Wednesday morning (23/4), Abbas’s Fatah faction and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) announced a reconciliation agreement. They announced the end to their internal divisions.

This new understanding will end the Palestinian political divisions that began in June 2007. Hamas when it took over the Gaza Strip by expelling the security forces loyal to Abbas, who now controls the West Bank.


Office 365 release in Indonesia , Priced 700 Thousand

JAKARTA - Microsoft launches cloud-based productivity applications , namely Office 365 to market of Indonesia, in Jakarta , Friday ( 04/25/2014 ) . Application service productivity is devoted to mobile devices , and is intended for users who have high mobility .

Applications Office 365 includes the Microsoft Office Word , Excel , PowerPoint , OneNote , Outlook , Publisher and Access which can be accessed for use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers . Because no other Office applications Office 365 is intended as an on the go that can be accessed anywhere simply by using a mobile device .

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" Office 365 Personal address the needs of modern workers in order to remain able to access their documents from wherever they are with any mobile device , " said Rully Moulany as Business Group Head, Microsoft Office , Microsoft Indonesia at the launch of Office 365 . With Office 365 , users can access its files through the cloud data storage synchronized with various devices in a Microsoft account .

Now this new Office 365 is available for the iPad , a tablet computer the Windows platform , as well as Windows-based desktop computers and Macs . Each of the Berlin Office 365 product license for use on a desktop and laptop computers running Windows or Mac OS X.

Each one Office 365 license products in the Indonesian market priced at 700 thousand to subscribe for one year . With Office 365 users get cloud -based storage capacity of up to 20GB in storage OneDrive . ( ahl )


Hadi Purnomo So Suspect, Fahri Call KPK Targeting CPC Image

Member of House of Representatives Commission III , Fahri Hamzah , hoping determination of the Chairman of the State Audit Agency ( BPK ) Hadi Purnomo as a suspect in a corruption case plea tax objections of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk in 2003 did not destroy the image of the CPC . Because the CPC is the highest state auditor authority must be maintained .

Fahri admitted kissing is no intention of the Commission to shake the image of the CPC . One indicator is set Hadi as a suspect when the relevant farewell for retiring . Determination of the suspects was also without inspection prior Hadi .

" The case is alleged to Hadi should not damage the image of the CPC as there are signs the efforts of the Commission to target the CPC ‘s image , " said Fahri when contacted on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Politicians Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) was declared , the CPC still has many unresolved tasks . Among these is the Bank Century scandal , Hambalang case , the case of oil and gas SKK .

Beyond that , said Fahri , CPC also provide a new KPK on the results of audits of Commission III . In the audit found there are many issues related to the performance of the Commission . However , when asked in detail about the issues in question , Fahri said the details are there in the House leadership .

" With that record and coupled relationship between institutions that fail to coordinate , it is inevitable the notion there is another motive in setting ( the suspect ) ," said the man who often criticized the Commission .

Previously , KPK deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto said that the cases are ensnared Hadi is the result of the investigation the Commission for a long time . He ensures the establishment Hadi as a suspect is not related to any event , given the investigations carried Commission since December last year . This case also developed the Commission of the results of public complaints in 2013 .

" This process was investigated by investigators friends carefully . In fact , we asked experts in the field description . There are about five people who are experts from various disciplines that we ask for information , " said Bambang .

Bambang also confirmed , Hadi determination as the suspect is also one concrete manifestation of attention KPK in eradicating corruption in state revenue . In the next few days , the Commission will also create a forum to demonstrate or present the results of the Commission study regarding acceptance in the minerals sector and coal -related taxes .

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Commission set Hadi as a corruption suspect tax appeal letter PT Bank Central Asia Tbk in 2003. Hadi named as a suspect for allegedly abusing his authority as the Director General of Taxation after receiving all requests BCA Tbk PT tax objection to the transaction of non - performing loans ( NPL ) of Rp 5 , 7 trillion .


Darius , The World’s Largest Rabbit

WORCESTER - A rabbit origin Worcester , England , was crowned the world’s largest rabbit . Rabbit named Darius has a round body 121 cm and consuming nearly 4,000 pieces of carrots a year .

Rabbits weighing 19 kilograms ( kg ) , formally menyendang title as the largest rabbit in the world . Darius has a very excessive appetite , he ate 12 carrots , cabbage , and apples a day .

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The owner , Annette Edwards said that her favorite rabbit has never stopped eating and she is very greedy with food .

The 62 -year -old woman had to spend money of 2,500 pounds or approximately Rp477 million ( Rp19.085 per pound ) per year just to feed his favorite animals .

" I always give enough food , but he always wanted more . I have to be careful about how many carrots should I give him , "Edwards said , as quoted by the Mirror , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

" Although a lot of eating , Darius still actively playing outside the house . So I was not worried about his health , " he explained .


"Ironically, the Islamic Party Not Feeling Confident"

Political observers of the State Islamic University ( UIN ) Jakarta , Bachtiar Effendi , deplored the tendency of Islamic -based parties that often form a coalition with the National Party. According to him , it shows the Islamic parties are not confident with the strength they have .

" It’s ironic , that Islamic Islamic party feel important , but not confident . Gives the support of other parties . Already joined the PPP now Gerindra , MCC would join Golkar , PKB want to move closer to the PDI - P , for what ? " Bachtiar said in a discussion titled ’ Reading Direction Political Islam ’ in Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

Bachtiar highlight that CLA has a pretty high voice in legislative elections yesterday . Based on a quick count pileg from various institutions , CLA estimated sound gets about 9 percent , while most other major Islamic political parties get only about 6 percent .

" I do not know why Muhaimin Iskandar ( PKB Chairman ) no PD . Why did not he spearheaded a coalition of Islamic parties . Fact PKB could propose that a presidential candidate should koalisi.Tidak Muhaimin , can be Rhoma Mahfud or anyone else , " he said .

In fact, continued Bachtiar , later formed a coalition which does not have to always win . If you lose too , according coalition of Islamic political parties could still get many advantages . Indonesia’s political system allows it .

" Politics in Indonesia is not winner takes all system , although it can definitely lose something . Coalition Why is not it? If the coalition lost the election to a coalition again with the win . Not a problem , " he said .

If unsure of himself and continues to rely on a coalition with the National Party , he was worrying the fate of the Islamic party will never change in the future .

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"The party will continue to be the only Islamic political complement , will never important as Indonesia’s political history . Would not be a big party , " he concluded .


Romi camp retaliation Cs to Suryadharma Ali

Jakarta - Resistance number of elite United Development Party ( PPP ) Suryadharma Ali became stronger . PPP Secretary General led Romahurmuziy ( Romi ) , a board expressed support for the presidential candidate Suryadharma Gerindra Prabowo , illegal .

Ripple internal conflict started from the PPP voting results are not encouraging . PPP is Waketum Emron Pangkapi who began voicing the failure of PPP to achieve maximum results in Pileg . Emron Suryadharma blamed to be the cause of his acquisition of the PPP .

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Suryadharma maneuver with rallies Gerindra considered so sound impeachment culprit party bearing the Kaaba . The reason , in the presence Suryadharma Gerindra officials even discourage officials and sympathizers in the area for a maximum of promoting the party’s victory .

Allegations Emron Suryadharma casual reply . But suddenly , with Wasekjen Syaifullah Suryadharma Tamliha issued a decree of dismissal Waketum Monoarfa Monoarfa and a board of DPW including repositioning of the post of Secretary General Romi memnjadi only DPP Chairman .

They are considered to violate the AD / ART because they want to do ’ treason ’ . Romi stronghold Cs can not remain silent . A few hours after the declaration Suryadharma with Prabowo , they gathered together 25 and a number of high-ranking officials such as Lukman Hakim Syaifuddin Monoarfa including Emron .

There are 9 points results recently completed board meeting at 1:35 pm this . What are the ’ retaliation ’ Suryadharma carried to camp ?


Jokowi : When For - For Chairs , the People ‘s Passion

Gerindra Secretary General Ahmad Muzani bluntly said it would build a coalition for giving out seats minister . Candidates PDIP Jokowi said it would not do the same.

" We do not want to share the seat . Administration should forward professionally . Rakyat will not only enjoy if the government is giving the chair , " said Jokowi at his residence , Jl Teuku Umar , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .

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Jokowi also stated that ’ the coalition skinny ’ still going strong when filled with professional people . He is not afraid when it will be ’ shaken ’ parliament .

"That’s not why it was otherwise impossible to divide the seats. We ‘ve had experience in Solo , continues in Jakarta there is also a term for not - for seats , " said Jokowi .

However PDIP continue to establish communication with the various political parties. Communication is not related to an agreement to divide their share of power .

"If the meeting discussed only vice , ration minister , asked four five six seven ministers , is not no good for the people , " said Jokowi .

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UN Asked Questions, Jokowi Upset

Jakarta Governor Joko ’ Jokowi ’ Widodo says that there are those who seek to politicize the load profile of him in the matter of National Examination ( UN ) in 2014 for high school sederat . He believes it is related pencapresannya in contestation election next July .

" If the intention is well meaning intentions do not want to politicize , " he said after a closed meeting with the Mayor of London Ridwan Kamil in Bandung City Hall , Thursday ( 17/4 ) .

Official presidential candidate who carried the PDIP look annoyed when reporters continued to ask about this . Jokowi then looked with sharp eyes to journalists who continue to ask.

" It would seem ngangkat - ngangkat . Yeah ndak . , But that’s actually not . Yeah right , that’s not the point , " he repeated with a slightly elevated tone .

However, the number one in Jakarta are reluctant to respond further . He then left without saying another word .

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As is known , in terms of profile Jokowi enter high school or equivalent examination in two subjects namely Indonesian and English . In it , Jokowi described by flattery as a leader who cares about the community .


MCC Winning In The Trenches Voting Re Tares

Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) is superior to the re- polling at the polling station Trench 9 Village Lalang , District Rangkui , Pangkalpinang on Tuesday .

" Of the total of 329 valid ballots , MCC managed to gather 128 votes.
While on 9 April ballot at the polling station , ahead of the Golkar Party , “said Chairman of the Organizing Voting ( KPPS ) TPS 9 , Sudirman , Tuesday ( 15/4 ) .

He said , voice MCC 128 candidates achieved the highest sequence number four , Kalok , with 121 votes. Meanwhile , the rest is the voice of the party .
" As for the second most votes Golkar Party held a total of 75 sounds that followed Gerindra 60 votes , " he said .

He said the vote in the polling station only three parties dominated the course . Meanwhile , the other party can at most only collect no more than 30 votes.

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" The two major parties are PDIP and Democrats in the respective polling stations could only muster four and six voices alone , while Nasdem Party and PPP , respectively 29 and 25 voices . Other party had no sound at all , " he said .