Need Financial Intelligence to Protect Customers

Need Financial Intelligence to Protect Customers

Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) in contrast to London , England to consult on financial market supervision authorities in the UK .

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Chairman of the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA ) John Griffith - Jones said the conduct surveillance conducted by the FCA emphasizes the important aspects of the three outcomes , namely protecting the customer , enhancing competition and maintaining the integrity of the market . As stated in the FSA page on Wednesday ( 04/06/2014 ) .

In the meeting it was also conveyed intelligence capability is needed in the market conduct supervision . This is necessary to ensure consumers are treated well and ensure that financial institutions select appropriate target customers in its marketing of financial products and services .

Another intelligence role in minimizing the impact of greater losses in the future , if the authorities can undertake preventive measures quickly and accurately .

While for support in the execution of his duty , FCA is also working with the media and exploit the information and analysis that the media have to be able to uncover a variety of things going on in the community that deals with possible misconduct in the financial business .

On this occasion , John Griffith - Jones also said that the FCA will continue to provide support to the FSA , for example in terms of increased surveillance capabilities as well as active participation in seminars and other forums to be held by the FSA .

While in a meeting with Andrew Bailey , Deputy Governor for Prudential Regulation and Chief Executive Officer of the Prudential Regulation Authority ( PRA ) , Chairman of the FSA in addition to introduce ourselves , also expressed FSA duties and functions that perform both tasks as a supervisory authority prudentian and market conduct . Learning from experience is the best thing for the FSA in order to operate properly .

D Hadad Hadad discussions about the host supervisory cooperation and home supervision of the national banks operating in jurisdictions both in the UK and Indonesia . In a chance meeting which was also attended by the director of overseas banks PRA say a few words about the state and the business strategy of the two national banks operating in London .

Both sides said that banks in each country has been operating well and contributing to the local economy . However , the mechanism of exchange of information should always be done to improve the effectiveness of supervision .


Prabowo: We Must Acknowledge Nation’s Leading Megawati Achievement

Presidential candidate Prabowo praised the services of the leaders who had been president of Indonesia , including the fifth President of Indonesia Megawati Sukarnoputri , who is currently a political opponent . According to him , the former president has a lot to build this nation to become a great nation .

" We have to respect and acknowledge the achievements of our predecessors . Bung Karno was clear he was with Bung Hatta achievements , unite the nation , led us to independence , " Prabowo said in a speech at the stabilization of Prabowo campaign team - Hatta at Sahid Hotel , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 27 / 5/2014 ) afternoon .

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Attending the event was all candidates elected from each of the coalition parties , namely Gerindra , the National Mandate Party , Golkar , the United Development Party , the Prosperous Justice Party . Also present were officials from each party .

" Pak Harto nor do we doubt his services to build this nation for 32 years , " says Prabowo .

The same thing , according to him , made ​​by BJ Habibie and Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur . According to Prabowo , Habibie had been instrumental in the development of science and technology , while Gus Dur has brought the basic principles of pluralism .

" We also have to recognize the achievements of President Megawati in leading this nation . Sometimes we have to respect your opponent if it were to be respected , " he said .

Prabowo is also praised as president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ‘s first directly elected . “God willing, he will complete the full 10 years of his leadership , ” Prabowo said .


Jokowi Push Industrialization in South Kalimantan

Presidential candidate Joko Widodo regretted the many potential mines and farms that are not well explored by the central government in South Kalimantan . He also reveals strategies to encourage industrialization in the area .

While visiting the office Banjarmasin Post , Sunday ( 05/25/2014 ) , Jokowi told he had visited before becoming governor of South Kalimantan Jakarta . He saw that the area has the potential for great results , such as coal , bauxite , precious stones , oil palm and rubber .

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" I think this is the problem . Industrialization We do not dare . Material if it fell into semi-finished or finished products , certainly much greater added value , " said Jokowi .

"For example, bauxite , aluminum that can be lowered to a dozen times the price . Yet again lowered so other products could be hundreds of times the price , " he continued .

He pointed out another one of the districts in South Kalimantan good quality soybean . Supposedly , further Jokowi , the government immediately saw the potential and menginventarisasikannya into agricultural potential and could be a barn for other regions .

"If the focus , it is easy to state . Because we ‘ve focused baseball , a lot of loose and eventually imports . Impir cook our rice , soy , fish . Import why yes fish . All this can be stopped , self-sufficiency , " he said .

On the one hand , Jokowi admitted that to stimulate industrialization , needs a healthy business climate . Therefore , there needs to be major employers , ie, capital or incentive . Thus , it remains passionate entrepreneurs to industrialize .

If the policy has run stable , further Jokowi , government functions stayed implement strict control over the implementation of the industry . Control functions can be performed , either the ministry or the governor , mayor up to the level of regents .

" We have to get into the transition process , then we targeti what kind of potential industry dug in our country . Indonesia will jump , " he said .


Remove the 200 hatchlings, Menhut Fascinated with Red Island Beach

Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan release 200 hatchlings type of fission in Red Island Beach Banyuwangi . 200 hatchlings is a captive of Meru Betiri .

The arrival of the minister of Forestry in conjunction with the opening of the Red Island Banyuwangi International Surfing Competition in 2014 , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .

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" Wow … beautiful, I do not think if this beautiful Red Island . I can say this one is a very beautiful place I have ever visited . I do not think this beach in Banyuwangi regency , " he said .

Accompanied Banyuwangi Regent Anwar Abdullah Anas , Minister of Forestry also symbolically plant trees on the outskirts of Red Island Beach . “This is one tradition that is done as a form of government programs kabuten Banyuwangi ie oxygen dole , ” said Regent Anas .

The plan , in addition to a visit of the Minister of Forestry , Red Island Banyuwangi International Surfing Competition 2014 will be opened by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu said on Friday afternoon .

International surfing competition was held on 23 to 25 May 2014 to race three categories , namely the level of local , national , and international .

No fewer than 120 participants from 15 countries will participate . Among others from Belgium , Austria , United States , Malaysia , Turkey , Germany , France , the Netherlands , Russia , and Serbia .


Bogor City Police members involved gang robber

Team Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police are still holding Brigadier AR , members of Bogor City Police , the suspects in the robbery .

Information Brigadier AR detention justified by the Head of Public Relations of West Java Police Commissioner Martinus Sitompul and Bogor City Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Bahtiar Ujang Purnama , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

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" We are concerned and deplores the persistence of the involvement of our members in the crime . Those members of the police who are convicted of criminal offenses / crimes , will be penalized , " said Martin .

Bahtiar added , Brigadier AR is still in the examination of the Jakarta Police . ” Anyone suspected of committing an offense, can be processed , ” he said .

Brigadier AR is a member of the Criminal Investigation Unit Police Bogor City . Brigadier AR arrested by a team of Sub-Directorate of Criminal Investigation Criminal Investigation Directorate General Car City Police on May 6, 2014 .

Brigadier AR arrested and detained on suspicion of robbery involved a number of container trucks in the market Thursday , Tangerang Regency . Besides Brigadier AR , Jakarta police team also arrested BA and IQ , plotters .

Based on the results of the interrogation of suspects , revealed that there was involvement of other members of the police who are still hunted . Officers are referred to Chief Brigadier HA . Allegedly there are other members who are involved . In addition , there are also a number of civilian plotters .

Well , conspiracy is known to rob some container trucks period October to December 2013 in the Tangerang .


Busy Mind “Copras-candidate”, Jokowi Confessing Still Mind Jakarta

Busy business ’ copras - candidate ’ , Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo asserted that he did not leave work to take care of Capital . After an inspector in the National Awakening Day ceremony at IRTI , Monas , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/20/2014 ) morning , Jokowi admitted to still execute a number of tasks governor .

" That was what time I come in ? " Jokowi asked .

" 08.00 , sir , " replied the reporter .

" Now yes , I am ceremony , signature , signature yes . Least half an hour . Soon as it was completed yes to the field again , " he said .

" My days are like this right . Still be governor and I run the tasks , " said Jokowi .

Jokowi sure would be ’ full ’ care of her presidential candidacy when he is off the governor of Jakarta , commencing June 1, 2014 the next . Pencapresan permit regional head of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono , said Jokowi , has come out . He was just waiting for the letter off the Interior Ministry issued .

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Jokowi claimed to always separate his duties as governor with pencapresannya affairs . It was seen on several occasions , he did not want asked about the ’ copras - candidate ’ when he was performing their duties as governor . Although , sepengamatan , Jokowi often break them . Sometimes , Jokowi pencapresannya go take care of business at the time .


Realtor first, Frans Now King Furniture turnover Tens Billion

Having a true entrepreneur spirit is determined to bounce back when it was in a collapsed condition . That picture of the journey of a Frans Satrya Pekasa manage teak furniture business . Being in the minus point in 2005 when his business on the verge of collapse , this bespectacled man back moves to improve the situation .

In the midst of indebtedness that piled up at the time, only to capitalize goodwill, Frans again tried to run the teak furniture business from scratch . With unyielding spirit , within a period of two years , his business can recover.

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Now he is known as one of the successful figure in the furniture industry . Through the company he founded called PT Gading Kencana Dampar , who was born in Cirebon , West Java , is able to achieve a turnover of tens of billions of dollars per year .

His success managing the business to be able to penetrate the export market makes Frans successfully won the award twice Primaniyarta as the best exporter in 2012 and 2013.

Frank has been in the furniture export business since 1998 after he completed his undergraduate education at the Surabaya Institute of Technology majoring in industrial engineering . He focused export outdoor furniture and teak garden furniture .

Frans choose the furniture sector , because according to him , chances are still quite large furniture . He sees Indonesia is very rich in quality timber .

Initial foray into this venture , Frans only as a broker for agents exporter of rattan and teak furniture in Cirebon . His job at the agency looking for orders and then intercede to continue production orders to the crafters .

Starting in 2001, Frans choose their own search for foreign buyers with networks capital he had initiated during brokering furniture . From there then stood PT Gading Kencana Dampar that manufacture furniture with the trademark Mega Furniture .

To expand its business , the man born in 1975 is to use the Internet in an attempt to capture buyers from abroad . In addition to creating a website , he also uses a lot of business portals , such as Alibaba and Indonetwork , to promote the product .

Now Frank has been able to export furniture to 45 countries on three continents , namely Asia Continent , Europe , and America . Some country destination was Israel , Guatemala , Nigeria , Italy , Turkey , United Kingdom , Austria , and others . He also successfully expanded into the Bamboo Curtain country to China , and even has set up three furniture store there called Teak123 .

Currently , Frans can export about 30 containers containing tables , chairs , cabinets , etc. per month . From there , he can reap a turnover of around 5 million U.S. dollars or equivalent to Rp 57 billion ( exchange rate of 11.500 per U.S. dollar ) . For production , in collaboration with Frans 136 artisans and 400 employees working in four factories in Jepara .

mortgaged car
Not easy for Frank to succeed as an exporter of furniture made ​​from teak wood with a turnover of tens of billions per year . He had experienced a failure to the lowest point in a career as an entrepreneur in 2005 .

But the incident , that was the motivation for him to quickly rise from adversity . He also had had to help figure out how to pay off his father’s business because of the fall of the construction effort .

Frans way to help his father is to be a furniture broker , after graduating from college in 1998 . ” It was my father’s company was taken over by the National Bank Restructuring Agency ( IBRA ) due to large debt in the bank , ” recalls Frank .

Starting his career as a furniture broker is not too difficult for him . Because , Frans already have internship experience in eight companies while still a student , one of the company’s furniture . As a start-up capital , he mortgaged the car of his 1989 Honda Civic valued at USD 25 million .

Initially , Frans only realtor for agents exporter of rattan and teak furniture . His job , seeking an order to an agent and then pass orders on the production of craftsmen .

However , because brokering is quite complicated , finally began in 2001 he chose his own search for foreign buyers with a capital network that it had when he became a realtor .

With the help of internet technology , he manages many websites to offer his services sell rattan and teak furniture . Business begins by working with two employees , one of them with a high school friend , running smoothly .

Little by little the business continues to grow , until he succeeded in exporting a wide range of furniture made ​​from rattan and teak wood up to three containers per month . From there he managed to pay off the remainder of his father’s business bankruptcy .

With our capital, in 2004 he began to expand into the business of buying and selling property and coal . But the poor can not be denied , business property and loss of coal that he run . Meanwhile, the furniture business has foundered after co-workers who are also high school friends made ​​off with the money without the rest of the company .

Again Frans back with massive debt from banks . All assets both home and confiscated his car . Frans to be willing to move in -law . After six months of that event , Frank decided to regain its footing .

He started back toward the craftsmen . ” I can Rp 11 billion loan from the artisans who used to work with me , ” said Frans .

In the midst of adversity , he still tried to get up . With the help of internet technology , he kept trying to sell furniture products throughout the world . ” I am diligent internet marketing and managing the website , so that makes me like now , ” he said .
All his efforts were not in vain . Until now , he has been able to export the teak furniture to 45 countries and opened three stores in China . Frans said , for the moment not many obstacles he faces in running its business .

It also makes him more aggressively grow the business . In the future , he plans to open two more stores in China . According to him , the market share in the State Panda was still very large if managed properly .

Frans himself claimed not interested to explore business in other sectors . He still will focus on developing the business of furniture being dilakoninya . Moreover, from previous experience he never failed when the business venturing and coal properties .

To raise the furniture business , he focussed on producing outdoor furniture , especially teak . Frans already left the wicker furniture because of its raw materials increasingly difficult to obtain .

Frank admitted , does not prepare a special strategy to expand its business under the auspices of PT Gading Kencana Dampar . Because, according to him , the government issued regulations can change at any time . “If regulations change , a strategy that has been prepared will not do any good, ” he said .


Jokowi Want to Implement Mental Revolution in Schools

Joko Widodo said the Indonesian people need a mental revolution to establish a strong national character. Jakarta Governor promised that, if elected president, he will begin the effort of the level of education, ranging from elementary to high school.

He explained that elementary students should get the material character development by 80 percent, the rest for the delivery of content about science. As for junior high school students, the material given character development by 60 percent.

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"For high school, 20 percent of his character, his knowledge of 80 percent," said Jokowi after a number of meetings with the leadership of the company, at the Four Seasons Hotel, South Jakarta, Tuesday (05/13/2014).

Jokowi sure, if the concept can be applied, then the future of Indonesia will have a young generation full competitiveness.

"We are preparing our children to be able to appear to be a productive force, flight to competitiveness," said the man from Solo.


Escaped West Sulawesi Governor’s wife to Senayan

Election Commission of West Sulawesi province have read the results of the House vote count province of West Sulawesi , West Sulawesi electoral district on the national plenary meeting on Friday ( 2/5 ) . The results of the vote candidates , delivering Enny Anggraeny Anwar , wife of West Sulawesi Governor Anwar Adnan Saleh passes to Senayan .

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As a Golkar candidate number 2 , Enny Ibn Munzir defeating incumbent candidates . Enny getting 58 526 votes, defeating Ibn who only received 43 077 votes.

Golkar Party led the vote in the first Sulbar the number of valid votes as many as 123 059 . Followed Democratic Party ( 119 672 votes) , Gerindra ( 98 501 ) , PAN ( 93 992 ) , PKB ( 50 174 ) . Then PDIP ( 41 696 ) , PPP ( 35 620 ) , Nasdem Party ( 33 593 ) , Hanura ( 22 266 ) . Then MCC ( 21 266 ) , PKPI ( 13 847 ) , and the United Nations ( 6293 ) .

Sounds legitimate political parties that qualify predictable parliamentary threshold ( without PKPI and UN ) Ssebanyak 639 819 . So , Numbers Dividers Selector ( BPP ) is divided into 213 273 after three seats allocated in the constituencies .

None of the political parties voice touched the acquisition of BPP . So that the seat count of the second stage . As a result, the Golkar Party , the Democratic and Gerindra as winning the most votes get one seat each .

Enny addition , the two candidates who will pitch to Senayan is Salim Mengga Democrat . Salim is an incumbent candidate who obtained 51,099 votes. The third seat is occupied Gerindra candidate number 1 , Andy Ruskati Ali Baal . Andi is the wife of the former regent of Polewali Mandar , Ali Baal .

However , until now the Commission still has not endorsed the national voice of the province of West Sulawesi . Because of the witness of some political parties still convey their objection . Because there are allegations of vote fraud in a number of districts in the electoral district covering North Produktion District , District Produktion , Mamasa district , Polewali Mandar and Majene it .


South Korean Military Prepares The North Face

The South Korean government has admitted its military alert after North Korea announced it will hold combat drills at the maritime border between the two countries .

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" Our military on full alert . If there is a shot that landed in our region , South Korea will retaliate strongly , " said a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence South Korea (ROK ) , Kim Min - seok .

Similar statement stated the head office of the South Korean armed forces Joint Staff ( JCS ) . Eom Hyo - sik , as the JCS spokesman , said the South Korean military will not hesitate to respond firmly if the North Korean artillery ( North Korea ) South Korea hit the region .

Eom added , civilians Baengnyeong Island and Yeonpyeong Island have been evacuated to the evacuation center . As for the fishermen advised not to approach the waters in the border region .

South Korean alertness triggered by fax Fleet Command Southwest North Korean Army to the South Korean Navy ‘s Second Fleet , on Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) local time . Its content is a notice that there will be a combat exercises using real artillery in the border region of the Yellow Sea .

North Korea held a similar exercise on 31 March in the same area. However , when the number of shots fell in the southern part of the border near Baengnyeong Island and Yeonpyeong Island . South Korean military then fired so that the two neighboring countries each release hundreds of artillery shells .

After the civil war in 1950-1953 , South Korea and North Korea clashed several times in the waters of the border in 1999, 2002 , and 2009 .

In November 2010 , North Korea bombarded South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island , killing four people .