"Ironically, the Islamic Party Not Feeling Confident"

Political observers of the State Islamic University ( UIN ) Jakarta , Bachtiar Effendi , deplored the tendency of Islamic -based parties that often form a coalition with the National Party. According to him , it shows the Islamic parties are not confident with the strength they have .

" It’s ironic , that Islamic Islamic party feel important , but not confident . Gives the support of other parties . Already joined the PPP now Gerindra , MCC would join Golkar , PKB want to move closer to the PDI - P , for what ? " Bachtiar said in a discussion titled ’ Reading Direction Political Islam ’ in Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

Bachtiar highlight that CLA has a pretty high voice in legislative elections yesterday . Based on a quick count pileg from various institutions , CLA estimated sound gets about 9 percent , while most other major Islamic political parties get only about 6 percent .

" I do not know why Muhaimin Iskandar ( PKB Chairman ) no PD . Why did not he spearheaded a coalition of Islamic parties . Fact PKB could propose that a presidential candidate should koalisi.Tidak Muhaimin , can be Rhoma Mahfud or anyone else , " he said .

In fact, continued Bachtiar , later formed a coalition which does not have to always win . If you lose too , according coalition of Islamic political parties could still get many advantages . Indonesia’s political system allows it .

" Politics in Indonesia is not winner takes all system , although it can definitely lose something . Coalition Why is not it? If the coalition lost the election to a coalition again with the win . Not a problem , " he said .

If unsure of himself and continues to rely on a coalition with the National Party , he was worrying the fate of the Islamic party will never change in the future .

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"The party will continue to be the only Islamic political complement , will never important as Indonesia’s political history . Would not be a big party , " he concluded .


Romi camp retaliation Cs to Suryadharma Ali

Jakarta - Resistance number of elite United Development Party ( PPP ) Suryadharma Ali became stronger . PPP Secretary General led Romahurmuziy ( Romi ) , a board expressed support for the presidential candidate Suryadharma Gerindra Prabowo , illegal .

Ripple internal conflict started from the PPP voting results are not encouraging . PPP is Waketum Emron Pangkapi who began voicing the failure of PPP to achieve maximum results in Pileg . Emron Suryadharma blamed to be the cause of his acquisition of the PPP .

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Suryadharma maneuver with rallies Gerindra considered so sound impeachment culprit party bearing the Kaaba . The reason , in the presence Suryadharma Gerindra officials even discourage officials and sympathizers in the area for a maximum of promoting the party’s victory .

Allegations Emron Suryadharma casual reply . But suddenly , with Wasekjen Syaifullah Suryadharma Tamliha issued a decree of dismissal Waketum Monoarfa Monoarfa and a board of DPW including repositioning of the post of Secretary General Romi memnjadi only DPP Chairman .

They are considered to violate the AD / ART because they want to do ’ treason ’ . Romi stronghold Cs can not remain silent . A few hours after the declaration Suryadharma with Prabowo , they gathered together 25 and a number of high-ranking officials such as Lukman Hakim Syaifuddin Monoarfa including Emron .

There are 9 points results recently completed board meeting at 1:35 pm this . What are the ’ retaliation ’ Suryadharma carried to camp ?


Jokowi : When For - For Chairs , the People ‘s Passion

Gerindra Secretary General Ahmad Muzani bluntly said it would build a coalition for giving out seats minister . Candidates PDIP Jokowi said it would not do the same.

" We do not want to share the seat . Administration should forward professionally . Rakyat will not only enjoy if the government is giving the chair , " said Jokowi at his residence , Jl Teuku Umar , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .

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Jokowi also stated that ’ the coalition skinny ’ still going strong when filled with professional people . He is not afraid when it will be ’ shaken ’ parliament .

"That’s not why it was otherwise impossible to divide the seats. We ‘ve had experience in Solo , continues in Jakarta there is also a term for not - for seats , " said Jokowi .

However PDIP continue to establish communication with the various political parties. Communication is not related to an agreement to divide their share of power .

"If the meeting discussed only vice , ration minister , asked four five six seven ministers , is not no good for the people , " said Jokowi .

source:http://www. detik .com/

UN Asked Questions, Jokowi Upset

Jakarta Governor Joko ’ Jokowi ’ Widodo says that there are those who seek to politicize the load profile of him in the matter of National Examination ( UN ) in 2014 for high school sederat . He believes it is related pencapresannya in contestation election next July .

" If the intention is well meaning intentions do not want to politicize , " he said after a closed meeting with the Mayor of London Ridwan Kamil in Bandung City Hall , Thursday ( 17/4 ) .

Official presidential candidate who carried the PDIP look annoyed when reporters continued to ask about this . Jokowi then looked with sharp eyes to journalists who continue to ask.

" It would seem ngangkat - ngangkat . Yeah ndak . , But that’s actually not . Yeah right , that’s not the point , " he repeated with a slightly elevated tone .

However, the number one in Jakarta are reluctant to respond further . He then left without saying another word .

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As is known , in terms of profile Jokowi enter high school or equivalent examination in two subjects namely Indonesian and English . In it , Jokowi described by flattery as a leader who cares about the community .


MCC Winning In The Trenches Voting Re Tares

Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) is superior to the re- polling at the polling station Trench 9 Village Lalang , District Rangkui , Pangkalpinang on Tuesday .

" Of the total of 329 valid ballots , MCC managed to gather 128 votes.
While on 9 April ballot at the polling station , ahead of the Golkar Party , “said Chairman of the Organizing Voting ( KPPS ) TPS 9 , Sudirman , Tuesday ( 15/4 ) .

He said , voice MCC 128 candidates achieved the highest sequence number four , Kalok , with 121 votes. Meanwhile , the rest is the voice of the party .
" As for the second most votes Golkar Party held a total of 75 sounds that followed Gerindra 60 votes , " he said .

He said the vote in the polling station only three parties dominated the course . Meanwhile , the other party can at most only collect no more than 30 votes.

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" The two major parties are PDIP and Democrats in the respective polling stations could only muster four and six voices alone , while Nasdem Party and PPP , respectively 29 and 25 voices . Other party had no sound at all , " he said .


Believe Massardi U.S. adhie Not Dictate Jokowi

Net Coordinator Indonesia Movement ( GIB ) , Adhie Massardi not sure a meeting held between the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle Joko Widodo the Ambassador the United States ( U.S. ) recently , Robert O Blacke to dictate the number one in Jakarta that if elected president .

" To dictate ( Jokowi ) was not . Currently the U.S. can not dictate , because in the country there are still many unresolved issues , " said Adhie in Cikini area , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

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Adhie said , no doubt America is a big country and has a great importance as well . According to him , it is not impossible that the new U.S. ambassador also held a meeting with the other presidential candidates .
"The United States wants the person who got the group with the free market , " he said .

As is known Jokowi with PDI Chairman Megawati met Ambassador the United States ( U.S. ) recently , Robert O Blacke on Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) night .

Jokowi and Mega meet with Robert O Blacke at the residence of a businessman Jocob Soetojo located at Jalan Sircon number 73 , Permata Hijau , South Jakarta .


When It’s Still Not Probably Send Humans to Mars

Washington DC - existing health standards currently do not allow to send humans to Mars , stated in U.S. healthcare institutions .

Attempts to send humans to Mars likely to be hampered health problems far beyond NASA . Therefore , long -term space missions to the red planet , requires a high level of supervision .

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" The mission of sending humans to Mars is likely to expose the crew at risk far beyond the limits of the existing health standards and also the risks of the unknown , uncertain, even can not be predicted , " the report the Institute of Medicine ( IOM ) , as dilasir PhysOrg .

According to the agency , the astronauts sent into low Earth orbit , and they spent three to six months on the space station ISS . But a trip to Mars takes 18 months .

IOM said the health risks from short-term missions in space include nausea , fatigue , and blurred vision . While the long- term risk of cancer due to radiation are included which lead to loss of bone mass density .

Realizing this , NASA was asked IOM to develop guidelines for human missions to space travel .

IOM rejected the separate security standards for missions to Mars . The institute concluded , the only option is to provide an exception to the existing health standards at this time .

Astronauts must also be allowed by NASA to decide whether to participate , choose a mission that will be executed and the search for a balance between the risks and benefits of the mission will be executed .

In addition , the provision of a fair opportunity for the crew and a lifetime of medical services should also be provided .


PKB: Rhoma Effect Seen in Aceh, West Java, and NTB

PKB analysis justifies a research institute that calls a significant increase in their vote in the 2014 legislative elections occur because Rhoma Effect . The charm of the King of Dangdut Rhoma Irama assessed for vote to hoist the CBA rankings to fifth party election winners , which stood above 9 percent based on a quick count .

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" It turns out that ’ knight bergitar ’ effect . Judging from the results of the legislative elections yesterday , at some point the area that normally does not get a seat PKB , has now turned out to obtain voice after Rhoma come to it , " said Chairman of the Central Board of PKB , Helmy Faisal Zaini , in a discussion in Cikini , Jakarta , Saturday, April 12, 2014 .

According to Helmy , for 3-4 months to disseminate to the public party , PKB events throughout the region attended Rhoma Irama is always attended by tens of thousands mass . In fact , these areas were not base PKB .

" The point of Rhoma Effect of concentration is seen for example in Aceh , West Java , and West Nusa Tenggara , " said Helmy .

However , Minister of Rural Development , the sound of CLA obtained also from Muhaimin Effect . Muhaimin substantial effect on the achievement of collective voice in Central Java , East Java , and Borneo .

" Because Muhaimin work hard and disciplined . In addition , candidates - candidates CLA is relatively young, under 45 years old , "said Helmy . Thus , their morale is very high .

Another sound effect in the rise of CLA also from NU . ” This is due to the return of the kiai to us . There is power in the collective NU . Political home Nahdliyin now is CLA . ( Chairman PKNU ) also said Said Aqil Siradj CLA is a party that represents NU , “said Helmy .
All factors that makes CLA increasingly bertaji in the 2014 election . If the 2009 elections the party received only 4.9 per cent , the CBA won the 2014 election is about 9.6 percent of the vote based on a quick count . ” The increase in our vote almost 100 percent , ” said Helmy . ( art )


PAN: Certainty Coalition Wait Two Weeks

Chairman of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , Hatta Rajasa said certainty PAN coalition with other political parties will take place no later than two weeks after the legislative election .

" In two weeks , when the Commission began to finish counting , we can palpate approximately how many seats and configuration , " he said in Jakarta on Friday .

Hatta ensure the coalition will be done by other political parties , because it is based on a quick count results (quick count) no party gains seats that meet the requirements of at least 20 percent of the total quota Parliament .

" To ask the presidential candidates should be 20 per cent , in essence , all still be waiting . Later after the legislative elections , in a week or two weeks , to be completed , " he said .

Hatta said the coalition is important , because between the political parties have to build together in forming a stable and conducive government , which is beneficial for the whole course of national development .

" To form a government needs a lot of support , so that when a critical deciding not to turn around all , because the challenges ahead are very high , " he said .

Hatta requested that the coalition strong interwoven , so that whoever is elected as the new leader in presidential elections , to carry out the duties and obligations as well without interruption until the end of his term .

" Whoever the president needs to be supported , because the need to build unity in the nation . , But for now , all the while there will still be waiting for an official announcement from the Commission , " he said .

Hatta said the state legislative election better than the 2009 election , because the people have given voice to the political parties equally , although there are some things that do not match expectations of financial market participants .

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"The market is a bit surprised , because expectations are high , but this is only temporary , though a quick tally the error margin is not high , " said Hatta , who is still actively served as Coordinating Minister for the Economy.


Legislative elections no major effect on the capital market

Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX ) respond to positive interim results of the legislative elections ( pileg ) which is reflected in the count quickly ( quick count ) by some pollsters .

"The elections yesterday , the good is now dominated not evenly particular party , " said Director of Corporate Valuation Hoesen IDX IDX Building , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

According Hoesen , in previous years the stock market is always positive in response to the election result is too large and does not affect the market . ” Always positive is not nothing from before, I am optimistic because the mechanism of the unusual market continues to rise , ” he explained .

Hoesen further said that the company or the issuer has its own business plan . The presence of the election , the company will continue to realize these plans , so that the election was not overly affect the capital markets .

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" We remain optimistic on the stock because the company needed funds depending on its business plan . Election may be no effect , but the company already had a business plan , so it should be concerned with it , " he said .

In trading post pileg , CSPI this morning opened it back toward weakened . Composite Index fell 92.09 points, or 1.87 percent, at 4829.31 .